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Author: 420budcloud

How Australia Can Legalise Recreational Weed Within Five Years

With the help of some legal experts we created a five-year plan. This article is part of Weed Week: an examination of marijuana’s persistent status as an illegal drug in the lead up to 4/20. It’s 2017, and while lawmakers around the world are realising recreational pot will raise tax and reduce crime, Australia’s politicians are not. We’re making leaps and bounds on medicinal marijuana because, you know, medicine, but the idea of pot-for-pleasure is still coated in stigma. So how can we get past that? How can we solve every part of the problem, starting with legislation and...

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Trump indicates where he stands on medical marijuana

​​​​​President Donald Trump issued his first statement on medical marijuana since he took office. Trump on Friday signed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that will keep the federal government funded through September 30. The congressionally approved bill includes a rider — the Rohrabacher – Blumenauer Amendment — that disallows the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency from using federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana businesses in states where medical marijuana is legal. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, though 29 states have varying degrees of medical marijuana legalization on the books. The amendment doesn’t extend...

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Medical marijuana is giving some serious competition to the prescription drug industry. A new analysis of Medicaid claims found that prescriptions to treat pain, nausea, seizures, psychosis and depression plummeted in the 23 states and District of Columbia where medical marijuana was legal in 2014. If all 50 states had medical marijuana laws that year, researchers say the potential savings to Medicaid and taxpayers would have been over a billion dollars. “We found statistically and economically meaningful reductions in prescription drug use associated with the laws. This finding suggested that patients in states with such laws were substituting medical...

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Into the weed: What Utah can expect if medical marijuana is legalized

Is marijuana medicine? Twenty-eight states say yes. But the Utah Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics insist that it isn’t, and federal law says it has “no currently accepted medical use.” So far, Utah lawmakers have declined to make marijuana legal, except for cases of severe epilepsy. However, the issue still hovers like smoke, and it gained oxygen in the November election when three states legalized pot’s use as medicine and another three authorized recreational use. The Utah Legislature announced Friday it will not consider legalizing medical marijuana this year, but will instead push bills that allow...

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Utah lawmakers are planning for exactly how they would legalize medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is not legal in Utah, and it may not be anytime soon. But lawmakers took a first step Monday to outline how it would be cultivated, produced and sold if it ever is made legal here. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 5-0 to approve SB211 and sent it to the full Senate. “This is a road map leading to medical marijuana,” said Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City. “We are getting it set up, getting it ready. And all we have to do then is have a quick vote — and we’ll have the...

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